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Improving breathing and jaw function through neuromuscular retraining

Orofacial Myofunctional Therapy (OMT) is a neuromuscular retraining of all muscles in and around the mouth and throat. 

OMT can improve: 

Jaw pain/strain

Jaw function


prepare for tongue-tie surgery

improve the results of orthodontics

nasal breathing

reduce the effects of seasonal allergies

reduce asthma

reduce snoring and even sleep apnea

please see this video for more detailed information including before and after x-rays. 


About Oral Therapy

This is my patient's before and after CBCT x-rays. 

Tayden_Garside_s_before_and_after_CT (1).jpg

Myofunctional Therapy simplified

click here to see one way OMT affects teeth.

Want to understand more about why you need a neuromuscular appliance?

click here for a link to a video. 

Want to understand the science behind a Day and Night Appliance (DNA), MRNA or Homeoblock expansion/growth appliance?

click here for a 10+ year old video 

See below for my own videos explaining tongue function. 




I usually work with patients one on one as each patient needs their own unique concerns addressed. 

Two or Three in a Family

Family members often have very similar jaw issues and can be seen at the same time. If you have a family member (including a child) who wants to be seen with you and can meet with me at the same time I may give a discount.


Patient Testimonials


"My neck doesn't feel nearly so tight as it did before. My jaw and ears feel better too I am excited to keep going!"

-at 7 weeks.


"I can swallow more easily, I don't feel like I am going to choke."

-after 8 weeks and tongue-tie release 


I don't snore nearly as much as I did before, and my ribs don't hurt because my wife isn't poking me to wake up!"

-at 12 weeks


"I just finished a run and I breathed through my nose the whole time!"

-at 4 months


"My son's teeth are straighter!"

-at 9 months


"My sleep tracker averaged 60/100,

now I score an I average 85/100,

I feel so much better!"

-at 10 weeks and tongue-tie release


Want to know even more?

Breath by
James Nestor 

Oxygen Advantage by 
Patrick Mckeown

Jaws: The Story of a Hidden Epidemic by Dr. Kahn

I'm Interested!

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