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Did you know that your tongue can affect your breathing, sleep, and jaw health?

OMT can reduce disordered breathing in adults and kids!

This is my patient's before and after CBCT x-rays. 

Tayden_Garside_s_before_and_after_CT (1).jpg

About Oral Therapy

 What is Orofacial Myofunctional Therapy?

​ OMT is a neuromuscular retraining of the mouth, jaw, tongue, and throat muscles. You might think of it like mouth physical therapy.

You must be committed to doing the given exercises 3 times a day to see results.

We work with all the muscles of the head, neck, mouth, and throat. When some muscles are not doing their jobs, other muscles must compensate. This leads to disfunction. Disfunction of airway muscles leads to a closed airway which can lead to headaches. Disfunction of the tongue muscles leads to jaw strain, pain, and/or crowded teeth or incorrect bite. 

See below for videos explaining tongue function and how it affects jaw development.


Watch this video to learn about the development of the skull, the airway, and the role the tongue plays in all of it. 

Patient Testimonials

"My neck doesn't feel nearly so tight as it did before. My jaw and ears feel better too I am excited to keep going!"

-at 7 weeks.


"I can swallow more easily, I don't feel like I am going to choke."

-after 8 weeks and tongue-tie release 


I don't snore nearly as much as I did before, and my ribs don't hurt because my wife isn't poking me to wake up!"

-at 12 weeks


"I just finished a run and I breathed through my nose the whole time!"

-at 4 months


"My son's teeth are straighter!"

-at 9 months


"My sleep tracker averaged 60/100,

now I score an I average 85/100,

I feel so much better!"

-at 10 weeks and tongue-tie release


Want to know even more?

Breath by
James Nestor 

Oxygen Advantage by 
Patrick Mckeown

Jaws: The Story of a Hidden Epidemic by Dr. Kahn

I'm Interested!

I'm interested in learning more about and possibly pursuing orofacial myofunctional therapy!

I'd like to discuss:
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