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About OMT

What is Orofacial Myofunctional Therapy?

​OMT is a neuromuscular retraining of the mouth, jaw, tongue and throat muscles. You might think of it like mouth physical therapy.

You must be committed to doing the exercise given 3 times a day to see results.

We work with all the muscles of the head, neck, mouth, and throat. When some muscles are not doing their jobs, other muscles must compensate. This leads to disfunction. Disfunction of airway muscles leads to a closed airway which can lead to headaches. Disfunction of the tongue muscles leads to jaw strain and pain and/or crowded teeth or incorrect bite. 

Tayden_Garside_s_before_and_after_CT (1).jpg

This is my patient's before and after CBCT x-rays. 

What is Myofunctional Therapy Simplified?
Why do you need a Neuromuscular Appliance?
How does the Jaw work?
Do you want to understand the science behind a Day and Night Appliance (DNA), MRNA or Homeoblock expansion/growth appliance?
Are you anatomy nerd like me?

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