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About Me

The human body and brain has always fascinated me. ​ My journey to finding OMT started in high school when my doctors were trying various asthma, allergy and anxiety medications in an effort to help me in school and on the basketball team. None of them seemed to help me much.  In and effort to find answers about the body I majored in psychology and minored in biology.  I learned good quality nutrition, sleep and exercise are all key to a healthy body and mind.

I earned a second degree in dental hygiene because I loved getting to spend time with patient reviewing their health history, x-rays and the state of their mouth. There is an impressive amount of information a person can learn in just one hour. It gave me the opportunity to help people to catch things before they were in pain. I sought out biological and functional healthcare practitioners and started looked into ways the human body can heal itself.  I got more training in nasal breathing, jaw growth and jaw function and now I do Orofacial Myofunctional Therapy (OMT). I love it!

As I have applied the myofunctional therapy practices and clean eating in my own life I have stopped needing medications, I sleep well through the night and feel rested in the mornings. I love life and I can tackle my life's challenges each day with confidence.  My patients have experienced positive changes, and I can't wait to see how OMT positively impacts you!

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