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Myofunctional Client Testimonials

Orofacial myofunctional therapy changes lives and the proof is in these happy testimonials!


Head Shoulders Teeth & Tongue has helped hundreds of clients feel better and live with less pain in their jaws. 

Don't take our word for it. See why clients rave about doing myofunctional therapy with Kristen Knecht!

My sleep tracker averaged 60/100. Now I score an I average 85/100. I feel so much better!

Susan R.

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I can swallow more easily. I don't feel like I am going to choke.

Jake W.

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I was on the verge of sleep apnea and snored like a freight train. Doing myo therapy has helped me breathe calmly at night and my wife and I both sleep better!

Mike H.

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My eight-year-old son wet the bed a few nights a week, but after doing myofunctional therapy, he hasn't wet the bed in 6 months!

Sarah M.

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I had so much jaw pain that caused headaches, neckaches, and tension all over. I had to use painkillers all the time. After doing OMT, I have ZERO jaw pain.

Alice A.

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My neck and back were always tense and caused me pain. Since doing OMT with Kristen, all that pain is gone. I can even bend to touch my toes now!

Jeffrey M.

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After my accident I couldn't open my jaw much. I had to smash down my food to fit it in my mouth. After Myofunctional Therapy I am back to normal and feeling better!

Joy M.

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I was dealing with horrible sciatica pain that my chiropractor couldn't explain or resolve. Got worse with easy strength training. I found myofunctional therapy, got a tongue-tie release, and am pain free!

David R.

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My son's teeth are straigher!

Kerry J.

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I never dreamed at night. I'd wake up tired, even when I slept 7 hours. After OMT therapy, I dream most nights, sleep deeper, and wake up much more rested!

Emmanuel P.

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Our Latest Google Reviews

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Chelsea Hartman

5 stars pink.png

Ms. Kristen is a great Myofunctional Therapist for me and my 9 year old. She loves what she does and the passion she has is contagious! My daughter originally was set to get phase I and phase II braces, but we were diligent with our exercises and now she only needs phase II! The OMT sessions were clear and concise.


The app videos she created are helpful for reviewing instructions. She found me a very good dentist to perform the tongue-tie release, and the post procedure care she provided was excellent. 


The end result of the frenectomy and OMT exercises is that I sleep better, chronic migraines have dramatically diminished, and overall quality of life is improved. I highly recommend her!

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