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How OMT Therapy Works

So, you’re ready to find relief from jaw pain or to feel like you can breathe or swallow easier.


And now you’re curious about how to find a certified OMT therapist no matter where you live . . . and what you get when you book orofacial myofunctional therapy sessions.


The great news?


Kristen Knecht is located in Utah, but she meets virtually with myofunctional therapy clients around the world.

OMT is a

2-step process of dedicated physical therapy

Step 1

Initial Assessment

  • Complete a detailed health questionnaire

  • Virtually meet with Kristen

  • Review facial structure and tongue position

  • Set OMT goals and custom treatment plan

Price: $175

Time: 50 minutes

Step 2

Weekly Therapy Sessions

  • Get maximum results by meeting weekly with Kristen

  • Complete daily exercises in the mobile app

  • See and feel improvement in a matter of weeks

Price: Dependent on personalized treatment plan

Time: weekly 30-minute sessions and daily exercises for 6 to 12 months


Myofunctional Therapy for Families and Individuals

Kristen has worked with clients of all ages with a variety of health concerns. While she loves doing individual treatments, she especially enjoys helping couples and families do myofunctional therapy together.

Her clients who do treatments together see incredible results while working together on the daily exercises. It's much easier to hold each other accountable and do the work together!

Couples or families who book myofunctional therapy together

can save hundreds of dollars!






Ready to start an exciting new chapter of your health journey? Contact Kristen today!

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